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Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic

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Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is proud to offer an enriching boarding experience for your beloved pets; whether you have a dog, cat, or even an exotic pet, we can accommodate your needs.

Our boarding facility offers a “fear-free” staycation that allows each pet to have quality time with our boarding staff so that while you are away, you can rest assured that your special pets are being taken care of by staff who loves them as their own.

Two dogs playing with a toy in grass

Dog Boarding


For our dog guest, each suite will have:

  • TV for visual stimulation music

  • A cozy bed (if they’re not bed eaters)

  • Guaranteed 3 walks daily

  • Maybe even playtime with other friendly furry friends if they’re up for a friendly get-together

Cat laying on blue bed with sunglasses

Cat Boarding


Our cat guests will enjoy:

  • A private dog-free environment

  • Private or joint condos

  • Kitty hormone therapy to make them more at ease

  • They can enjoy a TV for entertainment

  • Feline friendly music

  • A lot of love time with our friendly staff

Boarding Information

Dog Boarding

When your dog is not sleeping, eating, or relaxing in their room, they are given one of three guaranteed walks throughout the day; however, more walks are typically given. If they are friendly with other canine boarders we will happily put together fun play groups.

Pricing for dogs is a flat rate of $58/night and if you wish to board an additional dog (or multiples) in the same room, they will receive a discounted rate of $43/night. If your furry companions are staying with us for more than two nights a complimentary bath will be given so they are fresh and clean when you arrive to pick them up!

Cat Boarding

Feline guests can enjoy their own kitty condo in our fun VaCATion Condo room! Every cat can enjoy a television as well as the interaction with our boarding staff. We provide plush bedding and fun toys but if you wish to bring your own that is more than welcome. There is also a fun cat tree for climbing and perching!

Pricing for cats is a flat rate of $37/night and if you wish to board an additional cat (or multiples) in the same condo, they will receive a discounted rate of $28/night (recommended two cats per condo). Cats simply do not like to be bathed, however; if you would like your cat to receive a bath it is available upon request and for an additional charge.

Exotic Pet Boarding

Exotic pets are always welcome at Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic! Rabbits, rats, and reptiles will receive the same level of care and attention as any other pet that enters our resort. Pricing for “exotics” is $41/night.

We take great care to make sure that the individual needs of every pet are met while staying in our resort. If your pet is on any medication (including vitamins and supplements) please be advised that there is a fee starting at $6/day. Additionally, all vaccinations must be up to date before boarding with us. Dogs are required to have proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP upon check-in. Cats are required to have proof of Rabies and FVRCP upon check-in. If any vaccination is missing at the time of check-in, we are happy to provide them for your pet at an additional cost.

Luxury Resort Pricing

Dog, Cat, & Exotic Boarding

Dog overnight boarding: $58 + Additional Dog $43

Cat overnight boarding: $37 + Additional cat $28

Exotic overnight boarding: $41

Special needs boarding: $73

Boarding Medication for Overnight or Day Boarding

Two or less medications: $6/day ( + needle disposal if applicable)

Two or more medications: $8/day ( + needle disposal if applicable)

Needle Disposal (e.g for diabetic patients) $6/per 24 hours

Day Boarding

Dog day boarding: $33/dog

Dog/cat package of 5: $140/pet

Cat day boarding: $26

Exotic day boarding: $29

Dog half-day day boarding: $23

Cat half-day day boarding: $18

Day boarding for grooming pet: $18

New Overnight Boarding Add-On Options

Brush Out Session - $12

A private brush-out session for your pet is offered once during their stay. Your pet will enjoy a though brush-out in their own boarding room to make their coat nice and luxurious.

Private Cuddle Time - $17

Fifteen-minute one-on-one cuddle time with a staff member in the privacy of their boarding room, lots of cuddling to be had!

Kong Treat - $6

Daily Kong filled with peanut butter is offered in the afternoon, if your pet has allergies please let us know what treat your pet prefers.

Extended Playtime - $17

Extra playtime is offered twice a day for two thirty-minute playtimes outside with staff and friends.

The VIP Experience - $81

One brush-out session, one fifteen-minute cuddle time session, daily extended playtime sessions and one Kong treat.